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| eOX-Cloud

In der Produktion ist es immer wichtig, dass die nötigen Ressourcen am richtigen Ort und zur richtigen Zeit sind. Dafür müssen die innenbetrieblichen Prozessen stets optimiert werden. Mit der eOX-Cloud stellen wir den Grundstein für die Digitalisierung Ihrer Materialflüsse. Sie vernetzt ihre eOX-Geräte untereinander und mit weiteren computerbasierten Systemen. So ermöglicht sie eine Interaktion der Geräte und Systeme sowie die Steuerung von Akteuren.

Die smarte Vernetzung von Geräten und Anwendungen

  • Cloudbasiertes IoT-Ökosystem

  • Echtzeit-Visualisierung

  • Retrofit

| Container labeling


ORGATEX® container labels are used in many areas of logistics and production such as for example order papers, kanban cards, drawings or other important information. As part of a 5S campaign, every container must be labeled. If possible, already existing slots on the container should be used for labeling. If there are no mounting options on the containers (KLT or GLT), a distinction must be made between flexible / temporary and permanent mounting options.

Colored labeling and mounting on almost all types of containers and in every area.

  • Suitable for all containers

  • Flexible and permanent

  • Diverse attachment options

| Shelf labeling


Since people are visually oriented at workplaces and take in 80% of all information with their eyes, precise information numbering is the basis of warehouse identification. A well thought-out number key results from the coordinates of a pitch and thus ensures a clear spatial determination. The arrangement in accordance to rows of shelves or aisles, in accordance to length or height position not only makes it possible to determine the exact storage location, but each aisle can also be lengthened or each shelf can be topped up.

Magnetic or self-adhesive, colored or transparent – the right shelf markings for every purpose.

  • Clear definition

  • Flexible and permanent

  • Custom-fit printing

| Floor markings


Floor markings are used today in almost all areas of production and warehousing, on traffic routes and roads. From driving routes, pitches, parking lot or hall markings, to industrial markings or escape routes. Here you will find our explanations regarding floor markings as well as tips in order to correctly mark the pitches and apply the floor markings.

  • Quick installation

  • Different material thicknesses

  • Color coding

With our LongLife floor markings you are always on the safe path

We are happy to help with any questions

Make your appointment online. We are glad to call you and advise you on site

| Poster frame


Poster frames are stable visualization tools that can be used on both sides to mark pitches, shelves and storage spaces. The poster frames are available in all common DIN formats and in eight different colors. They can be used in both portrait and landscape format. The sturdy plastic frame ensures a high level of resistance, which can be used in particularly busy industrial areas.

Individual organisation of information for pitches and areas with fast and flexible exchange.

  • Easy construction

  • Light weight

  • Protection against impurities

| Insert systems


Kanban is a method of managing inventory and controlling production. It is based on the pull principle and represents a self-contained control loop. The pull principle or “pulling production” means nothing other than that the customer takes the material required for production from his supplier. When the customer has used up a previously determined kanban amount, he sends a signal to the supplier in the form of a kanban card (Japanese kanban = card) to produce the kanban amount noted on it again.

  • Easy construction

  • KANBAN solutions

  • Tailor-made

Organize operational planning clearly and efficiently – planning with a system

We advise produce individualize

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| Visual Boards


Visual boards are suitable for providing key figures and information at a central point in operation. With these practical helpers, you always have access to all the information at a glance. Depending on the information displayed, these boards fulfill a wide variety of functions. They can serve as information, control or key figure boards.

All information at a glance: Visual boards with in-house solutions according to your specification.

  • In-house solutions

  • Provision of key figures

  • Individual boards

| Material handling


In-house material supply, for example concerning longer supply routes. Due to the continuously increasing demands on flexible material supply, tugger trains are becoming increasingly important. The main focus here is on the simultaneous transport of containers of different sizes (¼, ½ and entire Euro pallets). The optimal aids in this application are, depending on the route, trolleys, shelf trolleys and, for long distances, above all taxi trolleys.

  • Flexible material supply

  • Containers in various sizes

  • Supply with tugger train

Rolling logistics: Overcoming distances for resources

| Material supply


The multitude of variants of today’s productions requires a reliable material supply. Station systems – also known as supermarkets – within the material flow ensure the targeted supply of materials according to the “first in – first out” principle. The function of a station system or supermarket is comparable to that of a flow rack.

  • For different roll widths

  • Ergonomic workplace

  • Order and Cleanliness

Plan material supply in order to optimize supply cycles.

| Document holder


Whether it is concerning work instructions, machine running times, tugger train timetables or maintenance and inspection reports – all documents that are important for operation must be posted securely and transparently. Depending on the operation and area of application, external influences such as dust, high humidity or oily air must be taken into account, from which the documents must be protected.

Secure and transparent notice boards with minimal effort – always a window seat

  • Adheres to almost all surfaces

  • Flexible and permanent

  • Protection against impurities

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